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Finding Remote Working Opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed Australia’s workforce. We’re working from home where possible, and there’s no rush to get everyone back to the office. But could remote working be here to stay? Possibly. Here’s why remote working could be a good thing, along with some tips for finding your own remote job.  

Benefits of Remote Working 

Sure, it’s true that not all jobs are suited to remote working. But there are many benefits to working remotely where possible. 

  • You can save money on lunches, fuel, and other expenses.
  • There’s no more wasted commuting time.
  • You can apply for jobs outside your home city or territory. 
  • Working from home can lower stress levels and make people more productive.

Even when remote working isn’t possible, e.g., you’re visiting patients or clients, you’ll probably find that you can do most work from home.

Remote Working Challenges 

All that said, remote working has its challenges. Here are some of the most common disadvantages remote workers face. 

  • It can be harder for remote workers to network with potential future contacts.
  • Some people find remote working distracting or can be lonely.
  • Remote workers might feel “out the loop” sometimes. 

The good news? As more companies go virtual, we’ll see more opportunities for online networking. And, if you’re part of a remote environment, everyone’s in it together. Teams support each other online or via buddy systems. You won’t feel “out the loop” just because you’re not in a physical office. 

How to Find a Remote Job

Ready to find a remote job in health or social care? It’s easier to start the search than you might think. So, here’s how to get started. 

  • Research the companies that interest you.
  • Approach key contacts within each company, and find out if remote working is possible. 
  • Ask your existing connections if they know of any remote working opportunities.

Let’s face it, though – doing all this research can be time-consuming. Rather than scouring the internet for remote jobs, you might be best asking recruitment specialists for help. Our team knows how to match you with the right online opportunity for your skills and experience. 

The Future of Remote Working

While it’s still too early to say whether remote working will become the “new normal,” there’s no doubt that it’s an attractive option. If you need help finding your first remote working opportunity in the health and social care sector, the team at Be Recruitment can assist. Contact us today for more information. 

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