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Our Values

When you join Be, you’ll find out that we live and breathe our values.

Our values & ethics are what drive our day to day operations. We do the right thing even when someone isn’t looking. That means, if something doesn’t sit right with you, such as working with a client who is discriminating a candidate, then we will strongly encourage you to not work with that client. Our values; honesty and integrity come first. The success will naturally follow.

Be Passionate, Be Empathetic, Be Honest, Act with Integrity, Be Courageous and Be Tenacious – don’t give up.

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Passion & Empathy

We genuinely and sincerely care about seeing our clients and candidates achieve their goals – when they win, we feel it too.

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Honesty & Integrity

We speak with clarity and are refreshingly honest. We are willing to have tough conversations when needed because we care.

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Courage & Tenacity

We are not afraid of a challenge. Where others may give up, we persist until the job is done. We are willing to forge new pathways, rather than “doing what’s always been done.”

Our People are our Business!

In recruitment agency land, people ARE the product. We are super clear on the behaviours and skills needed to excel and the behaviours someone needs to manage a great performing team. We support you to develop your skills in a clear development pathway using both an internal and external training on this journey.

Whether you are a trainee looking to come into recruitment or a seasoned recruiter, we support our people. When you join our team, it’s a team with 70 years recruitment experience between us and counting! We’ve been around the block, worked in large and small recruitment firms and run successful businesses ourselves so you will be in good company to succeed with us.

We run regular internal training sessions and engaged external providers on relevant topics and new technologies.

We treat you like Adults.

We have a lovely office in North Sydney and come in every Monday and Tuesday each week to meet up, have a team catchup, coffee and support each other – the rest of the week you have true flexibility on where you work – leaving you to choose your own workspace! We have phone booths, an open plan office as well as a small outside area which we enjoy an occasional Friday drink with the team.

Want to find out more and chat with Be?

It can be hard when considering a new direction or new company. If you would like to have an informal chat about what your career might look like with Be, please give our MD’s a call or email [email protected]

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