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The Intersection of Health and Social Care Values, and Diversity Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) in Choosing Workplaces

Inclusion at Work Week

Diversity, through the lenses of race, ethnicity, ability, gender, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, and beyond—can help to strengthen organisations. But do we really understand the difference between diversity, inclusion, and belonging? Diversity is having lots of different people in the room. Equity is where everyone has access to the same opportunities. Inclusion is being invited to … Read more

Changes to the Fair Work Act: What Do They Mean for the Community Sector?

Fair Work Act changes 2023 web

At the start of this financial year, several changes were made to the Fair Work Act, which is a key document defining the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees. The changes are small, but they’re quite important for us in the community sector. One key amendment helps families work more flexibly after the birth … Read more

Five qualities of outstanding team leaders in the community sector

Five qualities of outstanding team leaders in the community sector

If you’re interested in pursuing a role as a Team Leader in the community sector or have already been in a Team Leader position for some time, you are well aware of the crucial role Team Leaders play in managing day-to-day operations and looking after the well-being of staff members and clients. In this blog … Read more

Why innovation is at the heart of Be Group

Why innovation is at the heart of Be Group

At Be Group, we combine deep expertise in the health and social care sectors with the power of cutting-edge technologies to continually improve the recruitment experience. By leveraging advanced tools and resources, we’re staying at the forefront of industry trends, enabling us to deliver tailored solutions and communications that truly meet the unique needs of … Read more

Delivering an exceptional candidate experience

Be Recruitment | brooke cagle uHVRvDr7pg unsplash scaled.jpg

When our co-founders, Jenny Rosser and Zena Clark, established Be Recruitment in 2018, they had a vision to provide high-touch, high-tech, and high-integrity recruitment services. In this post, we’ll explore how our commitment to excellence in candidate experience sets us apart and ensures that we match the right people with the right roles. Embracing Innovation … Read more

Five ways we’re innovating to improve recruitment outcomes

Innovation in Social Care Recruitment

At Be Recruitment, we understand the crucial role of innovation in improving recruitment outcomes in the social care sector for candidates, employees and employers. That’s why in this post, we’re excited to share five key ways we’re embracing innovation to improve everything we do, from onboarding and payroll, through to regular communication and training. 1. … Read more

4 reasons to take a Working Holiday in Australia (for Social Workers and Health & Social Care professionals)

4 reasons to take a Working Holiday in Australia (for Social Workers and Health & Social Care professionals)

Taking a working holiday in Australia is popular for a reason – it’s a great way to work and travel! But it can be even better if you’ve got qualifications and experience in social work, social care, mental health, community services and related sectors. Here’s why… 1. You can use your skills and qualifications down … Read more

Three things everyone should do before the end of the year

3 things to do end of year

Whether you’re happy with your job or looking for a change, the following three tips will help you wrap up the year well and head into 2022 with confidence. Read on to discover how to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in your sector and start next year ahead of the game. Update your resumé and … Read more

How to get the best out of your recruitment agency

How to Get the Best out of your Recruitment Agency

The more recruitment agencies working on your vacancy, the faster it’s filled, right? Actually, the opposite is usually true! According to Louise Archer from Retrained Search, inviting multiple recruiters to try and fill a role (called ‘contingent recruitment’) has an average fill rate of below 25%. In contrast, fill rates are up around 95–100% for … Read more

Passion, honesty and tenacity: Three reasons why Be. Recruitment is different

Three reasons why Be Recruitment is different

What does it take to secure the very best talent for organisations in the Health & Social Care Sectors, or help a job seeker find the right role for their unique talents and skills? At Be. Recruitment, we believe it’s a mix of passion, honesty, and tenacity – and we make it our job to … Read more

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