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Relocating to Australia from UK/Ireland – Your questions answered

Relocating to Australia from UK/Ireland - Your questions answered

Are you an experienced social worker or case manager in the UK or Ireland, passionate about making a difference in people’s lives? Imagine taking your expertise to the sun-kissed shores of Australia, where your skills are not only highly valued but also nurtured in a vibrant and diverse community. In this blog post, we’ll answer … Read more

Do I have to answer that? Disclosing personal information to an employer

Workers in conversation

Whether it’s in a formal interview setting or in the course of everyday conversations in the workplace, no one likes to be caught off-guard with personal questions. But if it’s an employer that’s asking, do you have to answer? Read on for answers and advice. Is it relevant to being able to do your job? … Read more

What makes a good CV? Insights from recruitment experts

Woman writing her CV on a laptop

Photo or no photo? What to leave out or include? Most professional formatting for a CV? Find answers to all these questions and more below – straight from the experts at Be. Recruitment. Read on to find out more! Leading Statement (a.k.a. Summary Statement) Be. Recruitment cofounder Zena Clark stresses the importance of including a … Read more

Reasons to work at Be. Recruitment… according to our staff.

Innovation in Social Care Recruitment

Some quotes from the Team! “The great thing about working with Be. is that it’s very autonomous and no day is the same. “I love having different tasks to do and working on different things – Jenny and Zena are so flexible. If there’s a direction that I’m keen to go in, I know that … Read more

4 Tips for settling into a new role in social care

people discussion blog image

Starting a new role can be exciting, daunting, and often very exhausting! To help you navigate the adjustment period, we’ve put together our top tips for settling into a new role in the social care sector. Read on to find out more. 1. Don’t be put off by unfamiliar terminology Starting a new role in … Read more

Our top three tips for onboarding new staff

Our top three tips for onboarding new staff

How well do you look after new additions to your teams? Onboarding new staff well isn’t just good for productivity and efficiency – a warm welcome can also reduce staff turnover, saving your organisation hiring costs over the long run. Taking on a new team member soon? Don’t forget to do these three things. 1. … Read more

Be honest – are you really ready to apply for that role?

Be honest – are you really ready to apply for that role?

So, you’re thinking about making a move and taking on a new challenge in your career. Exciting times! (But possibly quite nerve-racking too.) The search for your next position will take courage, tenacity… and a willingness to be completely honest with yourself. Yep! The unconventional step in job applications that works wonders is actually honesty. … Read more

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