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The Intersection of Health and Social Care Values, and Diversity Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) in Choosing Workplaces

Inclusion at Work Week

Diversity, through the lenses of race, ethnicity, ability, gender, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, and beyond—can help to strengthen organisations. But do we really understand the difference between diversity, inclusion, and belonging? Diversity is having lots of different people in the room. Equity is where everyone has access to the same opportunities. Inclusion is being invited to … Read more

How Personality Shapes Perception and Influences Leadership

How Personality Shapes Perception and Influences Leadership

Perception is not merely a mirror reflecting the external world; it acts more like a lens that distorts, filters, and colours what we see, profoundly shaping our reality. The intricacies of this process are influenced by a myriad of factors, among which personality plays a particularly significant role. Understanding this relationship can illuminate why leaders … Read more

A new wave of trends and challenges is shifting the way we attract, hire, and retain top candidates.

A new wave of trends and challenges is shifting the way we attract, hire, and retain top candidates.

One of the most prominent shifts is the rise of hybrid working, where productivity thrives and the dress code is as comfortable as your favourite pair of pyjamas or sweatpants. In this article, we’ll explore one of 2024’s top trends: embracing the cozy comforts of remote work to enhance employee satisfaction and revolutionise recruitment processes, … Read more

Retaining top executive talent in social care

Retaining top executive talent in social care

We all know that recruiting top executive talent is crucial to the success of your organisation. However, once you have found these talented individuals, how do you retain them? Employee retention is a key aspect of any organisation’s success, and in this blog post, we’ll explore some practical strategies for retaining top executive talent in … Read more

Understanding and Managing Vicarious Trauma

vicarious trauma social care

Vicarious trauma is a real and serious issue for many social care workers, such as social workers, mental health nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, and disability support workers. It’s important to understand what it is, how to avoid it, and how to recover from it. What is Vicarious Trauma? Vicarious trauma is the emotional and psychological … Read more

Setting healthy boundaries in social care roles


Whether you’re an OT, mental health nurse, social worker, psychologist, or any of the other professionals the social care sector encompasses, setting healthy boundaries in your work is vital. They help maintain professional relationships, protect both yourself and your clients, and create safe and effective environments for care. But what does setting healthy boundaries actually … Read more

Reasons to work at Be. Recruitment… according to our staff.

Innovation in Social Care Recruitment

Some quotes from the Team! “The great thing about working with Be. is that it’s very autonomous and no day is the same. “I love having different tasks to do and working on different things – Jenny and Zena are so flexible. If there’s a direction that I’m keen to go in, I know that … Read more

Tips to hold on to your social care staff for longer

blog image people

Preliminary findings from our Salary Survey are in, and there are some important takeaways for employers. If you’ve got a retention issue in your organisation, read on to find out what workers in the social care sector really want. 1. Staff in the social care industry want more clinical supervision Almost half the respondents to … Read more

Is it time to upskill in your social care role?

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Between vaccination mandates, isolation requirements and staff shortages, workers in social care roles have been stretched beyond their limits throughout the pandemic. It’s no surprise that many staff in the sector have considered leaving their job for a change in career. But instead of a complete career change, perhaps upskilling is the answer. Read on … Read more

4 Tips to Help Prevent Employee Burnout

burnout discussion blog image

While many roles in social care can be quite stressful, the good news is there are a number of things employers and managers can do to help reduce employee burnout. In fact, research has found that the main factors contributing to employee burnout are within managers’ control – so you’ve got a vital role to … Read more

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