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The Pro’s of Regional & Remote Work in the new “normal”.

5 Benefits of Regional & Remote Work During COVID

Australia’s regional and remote areas are filled with a diverse range of job opportunities in positions that will have a major impact on communities across the country. Unfortunately, working in these areas is often underrated. 

There are so many amazing benefits to packing up your stuff and making a new home away from the noise and rush of the city. Whether you’re looking for a place to work and raise a family or you’re fresh out of school and looking for a new start, these 5 benefits may be the push you need to take a leap of faith and make the move! 

1. Enjoy a Lower Cost of Living

Ever bothered by the lack of affordable housing in the city and the suburbs? Feel like you’re paying way too much for a small house and little to no lawn? The lower cost of living that comes with moving to a regional or remote area will give you the financial freedom to upgrade your house, have a big backyard, and even to take some much-needed holidays. A lower cost of living also allows you the ability to plan for your future. That peace of mind is totally priceless!

2. Know Your Neighbours

The population density of the city makes it difficult to get to know your neighbours, much less the people on the next street over. When you live in a more rural area, it’s far easier to meet your neighbours, make new friends, and build a community with people just by running into them at the grocery store and having a chat. Having that connection with your community is guaranteed to make every day of work that much more satisfying.

3. Reconnect With Nature

While the meticulously cared for lawns of suburbia can be pretty to look at, some may feel driven to be a bit closer to Mother Nature. Working in a regional or remote area will bring you closer to the natural world including the mountains, the bush, and the animals that live there. It’s far lovelier waking up in the morning to a bird’s song than to construction work.

This is the driving factor for many parents seeking new job opportunities outside the city. Children benefit immensely from being able to interact with animals and explore the natural landscape around them safely. 

4. Make a Difference

Regional and remote areas of the country are often left without the help they need, whether it be in terms of medical care, education, or social work. When you work in a smaller community, it’s so much easier to see the impact your work is making on those around you. 

This is especially true when it comes to social work in areas such as mental health, housing, youth support, and domestic violence. These services are so important, and a lack of access to them makes life more difficult for those living in remote areas. Rest assured, outside city limits, you’ll never feel unappreciated or left wondering if your work really makes a difference. 

5. New Challenges AND Opportunities

If you’ve never lived outside the cities or the suburbs before, then the idea of moving to a more remote area may seem pretty radical. However, recent events have proven that we know how to use technology to stay connected to each other. That knowledge has begun empowering people to take more chances and to live their lives with less fear and reservations. 

By moving somewhere new and different, you’re embarking on a new adventure with its own challenges and opportunities. For many of us, however, that change may be exactly what we need to start living life our own way.

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