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Top 10 Tips for Starting a New Job.

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking! We’ve pulled the top 10 tips you can use when you start a new job to ease the transition process and set yourself up for success. While it may take a while to get a routine, you’ll start excelling quickly when you take a proactive approach to thriving in your new position.

  1. Schedule a Chat with HR – Before you start, you may want to schedule a quick chat with HR. Ask them about the organisation, your hours, salary and any policies you should be aware of. This can help you prepare for your first day.
  2. Watch Stand Out Performers – Watch the people that do well in your department. You’ll be able to figure out what skills, accomplishments or abilities your organisation values and model your workflow to fit.
  3. Take a Department-Wide Tour – The last thing you want to do is get lost in your first few days. Before you start, ask to take a department-wide tour. You’ll get a good idea on the layout and will have the chance to take note on the location of any important departments that interact with yours.
  4. Ask About Communication Preferences – Do your boss and coworkers like to call when they have questions? Maybe they email, instant message or text. Find out which one they prefer and use it.
  5. Ask for Feedback – Especially when you start your new job, ask for honest feedback. You can use this feedback to improve your overall performance, and it’ll allow you to make adjustments to your completed work.
  6. Get Introductions on Your First Day – If your manager is too busy, ask your HR department to make introductions. These introductions will help you learn your coworkers’ names, even the people you don’t normally interact with. Find out who’s who in the zoo!
  7. Develop Strong Relationships – Make a conscious effort to develop strong working relationships with your team. Go to lunch with them and interact with them. This can improve your overall experience.
  8. Be Mindful of Your Annual Leave Days – Even though taking a break is great, you really want to limit the annual leave you take in the first six months or so. You want to use this time to settle in and develop a routine.
  9. Get Your Logistics in Order – Make sure HR has all of your paperwork. Check in with IT to get all of the necessary logins and passwords you need. Make a list of the company intranet, HR/Employee Support hotline, (if applicable) and the IT help desk.
  10. Update Your LinkedIn Profile – Establish your LinkedIn profile if you don’t have one and update yours with your current position and company if you do. Connect with your new colleagues and other people in your industry.

These top 10 tips can help you successfully start your new job. Take a few minutes, look them over, and incorporate them into your strategy to start your new job with a strong start.

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