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Taking Charge of your own Growth.

How to take charge of your own growth

In business, the term “disruptor” refers to companies that upturn the established order, often replacing the market leaders with their innovative products or processes. It is often said that the best way companies can avoid being replaced by disruptors by becoming disruptors themselves.

As a professional, you too can be affected by disruption: new managers, new regulations, changes to policies and procedures. All of these changes can be challenging if you are not prepared for them. It is natural to fear change: most people do. Change is all about the unknown, and the unknown is scary.

However, there are certain things you can do to position yourself for the change that will inevitably come and to be able to see change as an opportunity rather than a problem. In this way, you will become a disruptor yourself, rather than being subject to the forces of disruption.

Why you should embrace change in yourself

Embracing and seeking out change in yourself is one of the most powerful things you can do. Putting energy into personal development is, in essence, focusing on who you could be, rather than who you are now. Even by opening yourself up to the possibilities of personal change, you start a mind shift that helps you recognise new opportunities.

Through this process, you learn to be more flexible, which can be beneficial in a range of personal and professional situations. As you work through change, you’ll also realise things that you took for granted, which will help you to appreciate things more as you move forward.

There is also something very special that happens in our brains as we seek personal growth: doing new things releases dopamine into the brain, the chemical that makes you happy. Therefore, personal growth and change bring happiness.

How embracing change will benefit your family

Your attitude and mood are contagious. This means that as you explore personal growth and become happier for it, your family and friends will start to feel this too. Additionally, you will find that by pursuing a path of self-development and seeing opportunities in change, you will release the hormone oxytocin.

This hormone has a bonding effect, helping to deepen the levels of trust between you and your loved ones. With greater trust and as they feel involved in your journey of growth, your family, friends, and especially your children will be happier, and you may inspire them to pursue their own personal growth too.

How embracing change will benefit your colleagues

Not only can you inspire those closest to you by embracing change and pursuing growth, but you will likely inspire all those around you in your working life. There is no better way to inspire others than by leading by example.

It is common for many people to stay in a place where they are comfortable and feel safe. Although this can seem like the best place to be, often sticking to our comfort zones can be harmful as it doesn’t prepare us for the changes and disruption that will inevitably come sooner or later. By leading by example, your colleagues will see it is safe to step outside of your comfort zone. As you pursue personal growth and embrace change, you will inspire your colleagues and others in your network to do the same.

How embracing change will benefit the world

In pursuing this kind of personal development, being open to change and seeing disruption as an opportunity, you will not only see benefits for yourself, your family, and your colleagues but also for the wider world. This is because of the snowball effect: by taking small actions, we inspire others to take action, who inspire yet more people, and this quickly snowballs to a huge scale.

Change is inevitable, and the best way to prepare for that change is by taking charge of your own growth. In doing so, you will not only benefit in yourself, but you’ll make all those around you feel happier too.

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