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Rachel Debeck, COO of Mable, talks to us about recruiting people authentic to the values of a new and rapidly scaling business..

Mable? “Who is Mable”? “Where is Mable”?…….Some of the many questions that have been asked by people as they start to discover Mable. Mable is an online platform that enables people looking for care and support, and those looking to provide it, to directly connect on their terms through an easy to use and safeguarded online platform.

Mable, then known as Better Caring, was started in 2014 by our co-founders Peter Scutt & Tony Charara, as a result of Peter’s experience in finding the right home care support for his ageing parents. Since then, the platform has expanded to also service our disability customers and we’ve had a name change to Mable, to reflect that many people in our community don’t want care – rather they want support to live independently in an inclusive society. And Mable…yes, it’s a woman’s name, but that’s not the reason we chose it. Mable came from the first person representation of what I’m Able…to do by taking control of supports through the Mable platform.

People are key to making Mable a successful platform – the Clients and Support Workers who receive and provide services via our platform, as well as the people who work at Mable head office. As a relatively new player how do we go about hiring the right people to work at Mable?

Just as we are building our reputation in the aged care and disability sectors, so too are we building our employer brand and business. And, let’s face it, building a business that is moving from start-up to scale-up is hard and isn’t for everyone. It can be messy, unstructured and frustrating – but the opportunity to be part of reshaping the lives of our customers; and defining the future of our business offers a unique opportunity to have an impact. So with all this in mind, how do we attract people and ensure that they will thrive thrive at Mable?

Here are just some of the things that we look for and talk about in bringing new employees to Mable.

  • Passion & perseverance – Passion – passion for our clients and support workers and the creativity to develop new ways of thinking about traditional challenges is key to being part of a business like Mable. The perseverance to keep on going and find ways to overcome challenges and obstacles. These traits trumps pure technical skills every time.
  • Customer Obsessed – We look for people who can empathise with our customers. Who will take the time to understand them so well, that they know what they want from our product, before they do. Many of our customers have spent a lifetime facing challenges – we exist to help them overcome those challenges.
  • Open & Authentic – We have to be open. About our challenges, our mistakes and our opportunities. We share with people our faults and what where we think we can do better. We know we don’t have all the answers and we always need to improve.
  • Culture-Add – In a business like Mable we think about how our people can add to the culture and continue to evolve it. Diversity is important and we value the perspectives and experiences that people can bring.

At Mable, we are revolutionising the way in which care and support is received and delivered across Australia. That means attracting people who are comfortable defining the future.

And in return we try to offer our people’s experiences and opportunities that they otherwise might not have. We are focussed on fostering a culture of feedback and building an environment where we can challenge directly and communicate openly…and importantly creating a place where people can do their best work.



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