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Our top three tips for onboarding new staff.

How well do you look after new additions to your teams?

Onboarding new staff well isn’t just good for productivity and efficiency – a warm welcome can also reduce staff turnover, saving your organisation hiring costs over the long run.

Taking on a new team member soon? Don’t forget to do these three things.

1. Pair them with a buddy

Starting a new job is not only daunting, but it’s often very confusing.

New hires will likely have plenty of questions, and a buddy system is an effective way to make sure there’s someone to answer them.

Doing so also sends a clear message that you’re expecting new staff to have questions that need answering, giving them the confidence to speak up when they need help.

Buddies can also help new staff make social connections within their new teams – first with their buddy, then as the buddy introduces them to others.

Meeting an entire new team can be overwhelming – so assigning new staff a buddy can help them focus on one safe person to start with.

2. Maintain regular contact

Regularly checking in with your new staff amplifies the message that you care, and you’re approachable.

Asking how they’re settling in and whether they have any questions gives you an opportunity to nip any misunderstandings in the bud or troubleshoot issues early – avoiding a situation where you receive their notice of resignation out of the blue after they’ve decided the position isn’t for them after all.

Even just catching up informally can let questions and feedback come up organically, and builds valuable rapport with your new staff, showing you’re there and ready to help if they need it.

3. Set a clear agenda

Keeping your staff busy helps them feel like they’re contributing – and this is all the more important with new members to build their confidence.

Make sure they have a clear sense of what to do and how to do it, particularly during their first month as they learn the ropes.

The last thing you want is them twiddling their thumbs anxiously wondering whether the new job was right for them!

When you check in with new staff, ensure they’ve got enough work to do without overloading them. In the early days, explaining how each task contributes to your organisation’s overall mission can really help increase workers’ sense of job satisfaction!

Be. Recruitment specialises in recruiting staff in the social care sector. If you’re looking to fill your organisation’s vacancies with quality talent, or would like to discuss the next step in your career in social care, get in touch with us today!

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