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The Intersection of Health and Social Care Values, and Diversity Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) in Choosing Workplaces

Inclusion at Work Week

Diversity, through the lenses of race, ethnicity, ability, gender, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, and beyond—can help to strengthen organisations. But do we really understand the difference between diversity, inclusion, and belonging? Diversity is having lots of different people in the room. Equity is where everyone has access to the same opportunities. Inclusion is being invited to … Read more

Meet Gavin Carroll; Specialist Consultant who’s come from the sector to help recruit for the sector

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One of the key reasons that Be Recruitment consultants are so adept at sourcing talent for roles in social care is their grounding in the industry itself. Gavin Carroll, a Senior Specialist Consultant within our team, traces his deep connection to the social care sector back to his formative years working in the community Gavin’s … Read more

A new wave of trends and challenges is shifting the way we attract, hire, and retain top candidates.

A new wave of trends and challenges is shifting the way we attract, hire, and retain top candidates.

One of the most prominent shifts is the rise of hybrid working, where productivity thrives and the dress code is as comfortable as your favourite pair of pyjamas or sweatpants. In this article, we’ll explore one of 2024’s top trends: embracing the cozy comforts of remote work to enhance employee satisfaction and revolutionise recruitment processes, … Read more

How to create a positive candidate experience

How to create a positive candidate experience

By Claire-Ann Leo As recruiters, it is important to create a positive candidate experience for all job seekers. A positive candidate experience not only contributes to your employer brand and attracting top talent, but it also makes the process of hiring more efficient and meaningful. It all starts with the way you interact with potential … Read more

The benefits of using assessment tools in the hiring process

Assessment tools in the hiring process

There are a wide range of factors that go into finding and selecting the very best talent for social care roles, particularly at the executive level. Assessment tools can play a useful role in helping employers and recruiters evaluate applicants’ skills and competencies, ensuring that they align with the requirements of the role and the … Read more

Political Intelligence: Why it Matters for Hiring Leaders in the Social Care Sector

political intelligence in social care leaders

You know how there’s IQ and EQ, which stand for intelligence and emotional intelligence? Well, there’s also something called political intelligence – or PQ. It’s all about being able to read the room, so to speak. It’s about understanding the needs and wants of the people around you and figuring out how to work together … Read more

The role of emotional intelligence in the hiring process

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When evaluating whether a candidate is a good fit for your organisation, it can be easy to focus on hard skills. Qualifications, training and experience are certainly important – particularly in health and social care fields governed by necessary regulations – but it’s also worth remembering that technical skills are only one side of what … Read more

What makes a good CV? Insights from recruitment experts

Woman writing her CV on a laptop

Photo or no photo? What to leave out or include? Most professional formatting for a CV? Find answers to all these questions and more below – straight from the experts at Be. Recruitment. Read on to find out more! Leading Statement (a.k.a. Summary Statement) Be. Recruitment cofounder Zena Clark stresses the importance of including a … Read more

Job Interview Tips: How to impress employers

Job interview tips to impress employers

Ace your next job interview with advice from the experts at Be. Recruitment. As the saying goes, ‘new year, new me’. Does that include a new job, too? If you’re hoping to line up a role change for the new year, you’ll want to brush up on your interviewing skills to wow employers. Read on … Read more

How to fill vacant roles faster: A surprisingly simple tactic

How to Fill Vacant Roles faster: A Surprisingly Simple Tactic

With Australia’s unemployment rate so low, we’re seeing a lot of organisations struggle to fill their vacant positions. It’s a common assumption that the more recruitment agencies working on your vacancies, the faster they’re filled. But the opposite is usually true! Read on to find out why, and discover the simple alternative to find the … Read more

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