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Be Flexible When You Need To Flex Up your Workforce.

There are many reasons why you may need to flex up your workforce. Perhaps you have received additional funding, or there are a number of large projects coming up that will require extra headcount to complete and you don’t have the resources in HR to quickly find or source them. Or, perhaps it’s just a skill-set in the business that’s hard to find and attract.

It can be difficult to find the balance between locating the right skill sets and finding the wages and overheads that come with adding an addition to the HR team headcount to achieve the desired output needed.

How do you minimise your risk of bloated overheads while maximising the capability of your team?

Adding people to your team does not always solve your demand and productivity challenges. There are some steps you can take when assessing whether a new team member is what you need. Just because you know you need help doesn’t mean it’s necessary to add someone to your HR team.

Unbundling your recruitment requirement and outsourcing parts OR all of the volume recruitment processes to an external firm can minimise risk when delivering the results.Be Recruitment | 1011

How Be Recruitment Can Help Flex Up the Workforce

We partner with a number of clients in different ways to help our partners flex up, especially when it comes to volume recruitment. Be can complement your existing HR function by outsourcing some of your volume recruitment campaigns to us. We can do this under your own branding or ours, a bit like an extension of your business unit. We can then complement parts of the process, or just take it all off your hands with little risk or investment to you and your team – leaving the HR function to focus on the day to day activities it needs to.

What We Do

Here at Be, we make it possible to unbundle both our services and fees to enable managers and HR departments to scale up their workforce quickly and conveniently no matter the project. Because we are specialists, we always have our finger on the pulse in the industry and know how to work in collaboration with our partner clients to ensure the best fit for the situation.

Unbundled recruitment services and fees are just one of the ways in which we support our clients, allowing them to flex up when needed without the prohibitive cost of traditional recruitment fees.

Whether you need casual support staff, permanent Therapeutic Case Managers, Senior Executives or just advice on your recruitment strategy, Be Recruitment has you covered.

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