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Avoid the great resignation with great conversations.

As you’ve probably already heard, large numbers of workers (maybe you too?) are expected to quit their jobs in the coming months in what’s been termed ‘the great resignation’.

Many have enjoyed working from home and don’t like the idea of returning to the office full-time. Others are just plain tired and are in need of a good long rest.

But is quitting really going to fix the problem – or will workers come up against the same problems with their next employer?

If you’re thinking of resigning (or are worried your employees will), read on for our alternatives for workers and managers alike.

  1. Be honest with your boss about how you’re feeling

As the saying goes, “the answer’s always ‘no’ unless you ask”.

So if you’re after more flexibility to your working hours, or are feeling exhausted and need a break, have a conversation with your boss about it.

After all, the company culture won’t change if no one asks it to – and you may find your boss is far more flexible than you thought!

If you are looking to continue working from home, be prepared to go into the conversation with evidence to back up why you think it’s a good idea.

For example, if you can demonstrate that you’re just as productive while working from home as in the office, that evidence provides ammunition your manager can take to his or her higher-ups, who may also need convincing.

If you’re in a clinical role, show your manager the breakdown of your client-facing versus administrative tasks.

Emphasise your commitment to conducting client-facing work in-person, and that you can carry out your administrative tasks from home without compromising your productivity.

Proposing a trial period (e.g. for the next quarter) with the option to review at the end could also be a helpful way to bring the case to your manager.

  1. Have a conversation with your staff

No one can read minds – so let yourself off the hook!

When it comes to supporting your staff, don’t expect to always have the answers yourself. Because often you won’t!

Returning from lockdown is a new experience for everyone, so it’s a crucial time to have open conversations.

Instead of making decisions based solely on your own experiences, actively invite your staff into the discussion to find out what would work best for the team as a whole.

The result likely won’t be a matter of ‘set and forget’. Revisit the topic to check in with your staff about whether the arrangements you’ve made are working for everyone.

You never know – you might actually find out your staff can’t wait to get back into the office together. That’s what happened at Be. Recruitment when we asked our staff, much to our surprise!

So don’t assume anything – and instead, ask!

  1. Revisit your company’s EVP

Part of the reason honest conversations matter so much is because employment is a two-way contract.

Increasingly, benefits apart from remuneration are playing an important role in employees’ sense of job satisfaction – and company loyalty.

This combination of factors is often referred to as your company’s ‘EVP’, or Employee Value Proposition. It refers to what staff receive from their employer in return for all their hard work.

Office culture, work environment, bonuses, additional benefits, gym memberships, flexible working hours, leave options and more all form part of your company’s EVP.

As we all navigate the return from lockdown, the question of whether flexible working arrangements will continue or not has brought companies’ EVPs under the spotlight.

Enhancing your company’s EVP is a great way to attract and retain staff. But to do that, you need to know what staff want.

Engaging an external consultant like Be. Recruitment to conduct an EVP review can involve an analysis of what benefits are currently offered to staff, whether staff know about them, whether they care about them, and whether there are other benefits which would be preferred over those currently offered.

This shows your employees you care about tuning into their preferences and can help promote staff retention – warding off the impacts of the ‘great resignation’.

Be. Recruitment specialises in talent acquisition in the social care sector.

Contact us today for an honest conversation about:

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  • Engaging us to conduct a company-wide EVP review to maximise your employees’ job satisfaction.

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