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Recruiter : Alana Tomlinson

Determined to pursue a career that positively impacts lives, Alana has found success and fulfillment in roles where she is able to work closely with people from all walks of life. From shaping the lives of young people in Education to supporting adults in finding meaningful employment in Recruitment, Alana thrives on helping others to succeed.Alana has always been drawn to do more to support vulnerable people and those in need. After becoming a Mum to 3 beautiful children, her desire to support families and children just grew.Being given the opportunity to place people in impactful roles across Social and Community Services has allowed Alana to achieve her lifelong dream by merging her passion for helping people with her recruitment experience.Building lasting relationships and creating meaningful partnerships with clients and candidates, allows Alana to fully understand the unique needs and place the right person in the right organisation.Reach out to Alana if you are open to new opportunities or if you are looking to grow your team in Social Services.

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