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4 reasons to take a Working Holiday in Australia (for Social Workers and Health & Social Care professionals).

Taking a working holiday in Australia is popular for a reason – it’s a great way to work and travel!

But it can be even better if you’ve got qualifications and experience in social work, social care, mental health, community services and related sectors.

Here’s why…

1. You can use your skills and qualifications down under

Social workers with qualifications from the UK, Ireland, Canada and more can register with AASW, the peak body for social work in Australia.

That means the options available to you won’t just be classic backpacker jobs like fruit picking, retail and hospitality – you can continue to grow your career, with generous pay rates to match.

If your qualifications and experience lie in related fields like social care, mental health, nursing, and other community services, there are still plenty of roles available where you can use your valuable skills and training.

2. The Australian government is chipping in – and employers often do, too

Some working holidaymakers are now eligible for a refund on the visa fee, saving about AUD$600.

Sponsorship is also often available for qualified workers to come to Australia, as employers seek to fill gaps with quality talent from overseas, to make up for the local skills shortage.

Speaking to a recruitment agency like Be. Recruitment can help you find out about these opportunities.

3. You can expand your career

In your home country, you might only have professional experience in one or two fields of social care – but there’s a broad range of opportunities available in Australia.

Be. Recruitment is always on the lookout for qualified and experienced social workers and social carers for jobs in child protection, out-of-home care, mental health, disability, domestic violence, homelessness services and aged care services.

You can use your transferrable skills on a working holiday to gain experience working in other areas of your field, which can open even more career opportunities for you when you head back home.

4. The work is flexible

The areas of social work we recruit for are varied – and so is the type of work.

That means there are plenty of options to suit your travel plans: a solid contract, or casual/temporary work.

We recruit for social work and social care positions all around Sydney and New South Wales. So whether you’re keen to work in a rural or metropolitan area, social work can take you there.

It’s your working holiday, so we can find the work type to suit you.

We’re always on the lookout for candidates with professional experience and a degree or diploma in social work, social care, nursing (community, psychiatric, etc.), psychology, criminology, sociology and more. If that’s you, get in touch with our friendly team today!

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