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Understanding and Managing Vicarious Trauma

vicarious trauma social care

Vicarious trauma is a real and serious issue for many social care workers, such as social workers, mental health nurses, psychologists, occupational therapists, and disability support workers. It’s important to understand what it is, how to avoid it, and how to recover from it. What is Vicarious Trauma? Vicarious trauma is the emotional and psychological … Read more

Political Intelligence: Why it Matters for Hiring Leaders in the Social Care Sector

political intelligence in social care leaders

You know how there’s IQ and EQ, which stand for intelligence and emotional intelligence? Well, there’s also something called political intelligence – or PQ. It’s all about being able to read the room, so to speak. It’s about understanding the needs and wants of the people around you and figuring out how to work together … Read more

Setting healthy boundaries in social care roles


Whether you’re an OT, mental health nurse, social worker, psychologist, or any of the other professionals the social care sector encompasses, setting healthy boundaries in your work is vital. They help maintain professional relationships, protect both yourself and your clients, and create safe and effective environments for care. But what does setting healthy boundaries actually … Read more

The role of emotional intelligence in the hiring process

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When evaluating whether a candidate is a good fit for your organisation, it can be easy to focus on hard skills. Qualifications, training and experience are certainly important – particularly in health and social care fields governed by necessary regulations – but it’s also worth remembering that technical skills are only one side of what … Read more

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