Be Recruitment

Meet the founders: Jenny and Zena

Why innovation is at the heart of Be Group

Jenny Rosser and Zena Clark founded Be. Recruitment in June 2018 to deliver affordable, high-touch recruitment services to the social care sector. Zena explains:“We felt that there was a gap in the market for a high-touch recruitment company specialising in community services. “We knew that at the lower end of the the salary scale, a … Read more

Meet the team: Theo Venables

Be Recruitment - Join Us

Theo Venables brings valuable professional experience working in the social care space in both Australia and the UK, across mental health, disability, and child, youth and family services. “I enjoy supporting people to work in the industry,” he says, “and finding the right people, knowing what type of person it takes to do each specific … Read more

Three things everyone should do before the end of the year

3 things to do end of year

Whether you’re happy with your job or looking for a change, the following three tips will help you wrap up the year well and head into 2022 with confidence. Read on to discover how to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in your sector and start next year ahead of the game. Update your resumé and … Read more

Avoid the great resignation with great conversations

conversation blog image

As you’ve probably already heard, large numbers of workers (maybe you too?) are expected to quit their jobs in the coming months in what’s been termed ‘the great resignation’. Many have enjoyed working from home and don’t like the idea of returning to the office full-time. Others are just plain tired and are in need … Read more

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